BREYDON’s patchwork sitemap

Updated 12 October 2022.

A smattering of coverage, progressively revealing itself, as I do the place up.

Nodes marked “[H.T.M.L.]” have not been adapted to other formats just yet.


  • homepage: A personal homepage.
  • AOC: Acknowledgement of Country.
  • COPYING: Copyright notice.
  • all: (Almost) omnibus downloads.

2. About me

3. Contact information

4. Old news

5. Caramel BREYDON

6. Comix

7. “Adaminaby” or Marginalian Capital Territory

8. Visible mending

9. After, things I’d be

9.1. Supports

10. To locomote

  • to locomote: Info on getting around with motor impairments.

10.1. Wheelchair trials

Specific makes and models:

10.2. ART CHAI

  • ART CHAI: A GRIT Freedom Chair Spartan lever‐propelled wheelchair.
  • rims for rims: Replacing the drive wheels on GRIT’s Freedom Chair family of leveraged wheelchairs.

11. ’Puting

  • ’puting [H.T.M.L.]: Technology criticism, accessibility improv, and increasingly theatrical literate programming.
  • nevr [H.T.M.L.]: Noodly espeak voice-replacement.
  • turntab [H.T.M.L.]: For dizzy touchscreens.
  • typing computers better [H.T.M.L.]: Some kindly scripts and commands, which have made it easier for me to use a laptop.

12. sports

12.1. Wheelch football

  • wheelchair football in 2019 [H.T.M.L.]: 2019 marked the second season of the Victorian Wheelchair Football League, and my first. I was drafted to play for St Kilda.
  • wheelch footy, 2020 [H.T.M.L.]: Following my 2019 wheelch football debut, I’m on the Richmond squad.

13. Been reading

14. Internet housekeeping

14.1. methods