BREYDON’s wheelchair trials: GRIT

Saturday 27 March 2021.
Updated 12 October 2022.

Global Research Innovation and Technology (GRIT) is the retuning of the dream to appeal to the U.S. outdoor recreation market; therefore, not quite as sensible. Still, probably the next best thing.

Note that setting up different gearing is still simply a case of obtaining common bicycle parts, swapping them in, and adjusting chain lengths.

GRIT chairs come with I.S.O. 559 mm wheels. In the bicycle world, this is understood as a type of 26″ size; in the wheelchair world, 25″!

Compare with other outdoorsy chairs for ease of trekking.

A robust, three‐wheeled wheelchair, featuring long propulsion levers on dual chain‐drives.

Figure 1: A GRIT Freedom Chair Pro fitted with two different drive‐wheels, 2021.

1. Tried

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1.1. Outdoorsy chairs

2. Would like to try

  • GRIT Freedom Chair Pro: Readily fit seats and harnesses that are more supportive than on the other versions. Lighter, stronger fork.