BREYDON’s to locomote

March 2021. Updated 12 October 2022.

Info on getting around with motor impairments.

You might also be interested in sports such as wheelchair football or in assistive technology for computing.

1. Advice

For anybody considering a wheelchair or other mobility device, the World Health Organization’s Guidelines on the provision of manual wheelchairs in less resourced settings is full of vital information. Yes, even if you are in an amply resourced setting or dealing with different technology! Much in these Guidelines applies to everybody, yet is regularly overlooked. When you learn it for yourself, you can much more easily advocate for you and others.

The videos in the companion course, Wheelchair Service Training Package - Basic level (also from the W.H.O.) show the fundamental concepts in action. They feature real people with many different requirements, demonstrating a range of skills, in a variety of kinds of chair.

2. Lived experience

Speaking of diverse chair design — I am summarising some of my findings on different models in trials.

Elsewhere, you can examine tweaks to a specific machine: ART CHAI, a GRIT Freedom Chair Spartan lever‐propelled wheelchair.