BREYDON’s wheelchair trials: Stricker

Saturday 27 March 2021.
Updated 07 February 2022.

Stricker mainly make handcycles, most notably for touring. Generally, Stricker kit can be fitted with safety brakes, cargo baskets, and other features.

Compare with other third‐wheel attachments or outdoorsy chairs for ease of trekking.

1. Would like to try

  • Stricker Lomo 360: The Lomo 360 retains the handbike tourer’s seriousness of intent, without all the bulk and complexity of an actual handcycle.
  • Stricker Handbike Tow Bar: For towing chair behind a bicycle.
  • Stricker Wheelchair transporter: For towing stuff behind chair. 100 kg capacity! See also: Stuff‐lugging in Past and Current Supports.