BREYDON’s wheelchair trials: Ottobock [unknown model: Avantgarde DV?]

Saturday 27 March 2021.
Updated 03 August 2021.

Collapsible (scissor fold), box‐frame chair.

A scissor‐fold wheelchair stacked high with pressure cushions.

Figure 1: The mystery Ottobock offering some pressure relief, March 2021.

1. Assessment

Not as bad as the TiLite 2GX, but no more appropriate than my old chair was new. Possibly slightly wider (push‐rim to push‐rim) than my Ergo Lite 2.

Ottobock do make fitted rigid chairs as well, which I would be interested in trying.

1.1. Chair tried

Table 1: Ottobock [unknown model: Avantgarde DV?] assessed in March 2021
Seat width 45 cm (16″)
Seat length ?
Chair length 93 cm
Chair width ~ 62 cm
Weight in use ~ 11 kg, maybe?
Frame material Titanium
Footplates Dual, folding, aluminium?
Wheel camber ~ −3°
Drive wheels (d.w.) Two, towards rear
d.w. rims ?
d.w. spokes ?
d.w. hubs ?‐hole
d.w. axles quick‐release
d.w. tyres ~ 25‐540 (24×1″), pneumatic
Push rims ?
Castors Two, ?×?″, towards front
  ??? rim/hub/?‐spoke
  softroll‐style ??? solid tyres
Model number ?
Manufactured ?

2. Further reading