BREYDON’s wheelchair trials: Mountain Trike

Saturday 27 March 2021.
Updated 03 August 2021.

Mountain Trike do an offroadsy, lever‐driven chair. There are both powered and quad‐friendlier variants! The layout does not take full advantage of the gear range which incorporating levers can offer, but trikes can be ordered with extended levers. Optional luggage rack. With a huge range of seating possibilities; these are likely to be the most supportive of the self‐propelled outdoor‐oriented wheelchairs.

Compare with other outdoorsy chairs for ease of trekking.

1. Would like to try

  • Mountain Trike MT Evo: Adapted for limited hand function.
  • Mountain Trike eTrike: Hybrid manual/electric version. One 36V 250W motor. Range of 8–20 mi (13–32 km).
  • Mountain Trike Mountain Trike: Manual, self‐propelled. Could be easily converted in the future to a dedicated attendant‐driven (MT Push) or electric (eTrike) chair.