BREYDON’s internet housekeeping for privacy and security

First published April 2020.
Updated 03 March 2022.

May be considered in conjunction with methods and access(ibility).

1. Stance

I am absolutely not interested in tracking you, nor in tricking you. I would rather others not track or trick folks, either.

Note that I will keep vague, minimal access logs in the very very very short term, purely for diagnosing failures (if I even notice them).

As my stuff runs on hired server space, unfortunately, I can’t truly determine how the equipment’s operators behave with regards to your info. And then there is all the other infrastructure in between us!

There is not a great deal that I can do alone, as a lowly hobby-dabbler, to minimise the risks inherent in how the internet itself is constructed. But I would like to do as much as I’ve (or ’develop) the skills for. Moreover, there is hope and immense power in collective effort.

2. Scripts, cookies, embedded trickery and third-party webmuck

The “Adaminaby” or Marginalian Capital Territory webpages (from Noted Festival’s Pulpture exhibition) incorporate home-made pieces of ECMAScript, for switching which sections are displayed. This kind of thing:

function displayCondishosoOfPartishies() {
      var CondishosOfPartishies = document.geteElementById('condishosofpartishies');
      var CondishoLede = document.getElementById('condisholede');
      if ( === 'none'){
     = 'block';
     = 'none';
   // and so on
// and so forth

These have been left in, for archival interest. The pages were written to turn out legibly in browsers that ignore scripting — so no pressure to enable it!

Caution, though: the Pulpture videos are still hosted elsewhere, by Vimeo, with Vimeo’s interface embedded on some pages of the Pulpture-subsite, through iframes. Ah, whoops.

Otherwise, I have weeded out cookie-droppery and scripts in general, as well as stuff hosted from beyond the Breyds. You might still want to block such things anyway. Even if you trust me, it is not going to be me who takes advantage of any sneaky stuff that does slip through. There is, for instance, no reason for me to send you a H.T.M.L. email (whether directly or via a newsletter company) or call on a showy font kept by some big data mob.