BREYDON’s internet protocols, formats, and accessibility

First published April 2020.
Updated 12 December 2022.

related to typing computers better.

1. Formats

Increasingly, material at this domain is available across multiple formats, including plain text, spoken word, and hypermedia.

For example, is the home of this present document, and enough for you to receive a copy of its full text. But if you want, you can load a specific format. Putting /index.html at the end of that address leads to a webpage; whereas /index.txt leads to a text‐only version. There is also a pamphlet, using /index.pdf; an Org‐mode file under /; as well as gemtext, with /index.gmi.

Some sections of will have a “spoken aloud” link, in case you would like to have a real person to talk you through things.

As well as individual passages (pages or tracks), you can download a whole lot at once from the collection BREYDON’s all.

2. Protocols

All of these are available over your choice of Gopher, Gemini or the World Wide Web (W.W.W.).

3. Accessibility

The methods used to produce and supply BREYDON’s documents aim for a comparable representation of the core text and any illustrative devices, regardless of the medium.

Although I do keep users of screen-reader software in mind while I’m tapping away in the source code, I have not done any subsequent testing of how the material renders in sound or in braille. I recognise that I might need to substantially adjust my practices! If there are any shortcomings for you, please let me know about them.

Likewise, if the audio recordings could be better matched to your needs, I would love to hear what to improve.

Finally, while I do play around a little bit with presentation for graphical display, I consider doing so more of an indulgence. If the results don’t work so comfortably on your device, I’m sorry. Maybe shoot me a screenshot, so that I can see what’s gone awry? If it’s a webpage having the problem, for the meanwhile you can try turning off my style sheets, in your browser.