BREYDON’s wheelchair trials: RGK

Saturday 27 March 2021.
Updated 03 August 2021.

RGK seem into biomechanics. All of their chairs are rigid(‐style) and made‐to‐measure. This seems to bode very well.

The business is in some way affiliated with U.S. mob Sunrise Medical (who produce Quickie chairs), which I would not say does, so much.

In practice, the Octane Sub4 and Tiga FX weren’t my cup of tea. These are essentially variants of the same model that constitutes much of RGK’s range. (The Tigas are made of aluminium; the Octanes titanium; the FXes fold; the Sub4s are modified to be lighter. They are otherwise identical.)

Compare with other nimble chairs for manoeuverability and tight spaces.

1. Tried

(to date)

1.1. Nimble rigid chairs

2. Would like to try

  • RGK MaxLite: Might be slightly more suitable for my needs than the Tiga/Octane chairs — for sitting comfortably, if not so much usage‐wise. Seems to have metal sideguards!

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