BREYDON’s wheelchair trials: Motivation

Saturday 27 March 2021.
Updated 03 August 2021.

Motivation’s Multisport is fantastic. They prioritise all the right stuff.

1. Tried

(to date)

1.1. Court Sports Chairs

2. Would like to try

Compare with other outdoorsy chairs for ease of trekking and nimble chairs for manoeuverability and tight spaces.

  • Motivation Rough Terrain: Very much like the L.F.C., but without lever propulsion. The Rough Terrain takes a very sensible rear tyre size of 37-590 (650A / 26×1⅜″)
  • Motivation Pioneer: A smaller, folding take on the Rough Terrain.
  • Motivation Active Rigid Frame: A compact aluminium four‐wheeler. Castors have quick release mechanisms too; not just the drive wheels.

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