BREYDON’s wheelchair trials: TiLite ZRA

Wednesday 21 April 2021.
Updated 03 August 2021.

Heavily adjustable, monotube chair.

1. Assessment

Not really a model I would call nimble; quite asside from the bulk of this demonstrator (thrust on me in place of a 14″‐or‐so RGK FX!!?). This hypothetical star‐rating is particularly generous, based largely on the potential for a more supportive seat and the much improved footplate, compared with the folding Ottobock’s.

The ZRA I tried was fitted with a carbon‐fibre, rigid seatback. The specific placement and so on did not suit me. I would like to properly explore rigid seating (for installation on an appropriate chair!).

1.1. Chair tried

Table 1: TiLite ZRA assessed in April 2021
Seat width 45 cm (18″)
Seat length ~ 48 cm (~ 19″)
Backrest height ?
Footrest height ?
Chair length ~ 90 cm
Chair width ~ 71 cm
Weight in use ~ 9 kg
Frame material Titanium
Footplate Fixed
Wheel camber −2°
Drive wheels (d.w.) Two, towards rear, Spinergy brand
d.w. rims ?
d.w. spokes ?
d.w. hubs 12‐hole
d.w. axles quick‐release
d.w. tyres ~ 25‐540 (24×1″), pneumatic
Push rims “natural grip”?
Castors Two, 5×?″, towards front
  ??? rim/hub/?‐spoke
  ??? tyres
Model number ?
Manufactured ?

2. Further reading