BREYDON’s wheelchair trials: Karma Eagle

Saturday 27 March 2021.
Updated 03 August 2021.

Collapsible (scissor fold), box‐frame chair.

1. Assessment

Emergency hire to get in and out of toilet. Poorly balanced. Blousy castors. Came with non‐standard footplates fitted (presumably for people with much less leg than me), which forced my knees ridiculously high, increasing this chair’s precariousness and causing excruciating pressure.

1.1. Chair tried

Table 1: Karma Eagle assessed in February 2021
Seat width 35 cm (14″)
Seat length 40 cm (16″)
Chair length 94 cm
Chair width 56 cm
Weight in use 15·3 kg
Frame material ?
Footplates Dual, folding, plastic
Wheel camber > 0°
  (positive camber;
  further inward at bottom than top!)
Drive wheels (d.w.) Two, towards rear
d.w. rims aluminium
d.w. spokes steel
d.w. hubs 32‐hole
d.w. axles quick‐release
d.w. tyres 37‐540 (24×1⅜″), nylon pneumatic
Push rims Karma Ergo, plastic
Castors Two, 6×1″, towards front
  plastic rim/hub/5‐spoke moulding
  hospital‐style grey plastic solid tyres
Model number KM8020 (Karma 8000 Series)
Manufactured November 2019