BREYDON’s Most Lackadaisical Press‐Clipping Scrapbook

1. Recording Engineering

Erin Kyan’s Love and Luck is a gentle drama I recorded. Even on hiatus, Love and Luck continues to attract acclaim and find special places in new listeners’ hearts.

Love and Luck has been included in the National Film & Sound Archive of Australia, was selected as an example of “the best Australian podcasts” by the Wheeler Centre and Audiocraft’s Australian Audio Guide, wound up a finalist in the Australian Podcast Awards multiple times, and comes recommended by a slew of critics in the meedja.

2. Charming and Interesting

“Everyone’s very hungover,” begins Julia Pillai. “Let’s not beat around the bush.” The Vinyl Café is scattered with a modest but attentive audience and the panel coax them in closer… Despite everything – the hangovers, the daylight savings, the unbearable whir of the coffee machine – this panel is engaged, thoughtful and surprisingly perky.

Bridget Lutherborrow (National Young Writers’ Festival Press Room)

Another public panel of four artists. There are beanbags and a small dog in the foreground. Photo: National Young Writers’ Festival.

Figure 1: Discussion of ‘Research and Lived Experience’, featuring Alison Whittaker, Kermie Breydon, Rosalind Moran, Chris Tse, and Ernest the dog. The Royal Exchange, Awabakal and Worimi Country, September 2016.

3. Sporting Playing

After that odd episode in which I went from lapsed social basketballer to actual St. Kilda footballer, the club told fans that “Kermie Breydon… looks like they have the making of a fantastic forward”.