BREYDON’s wheelchair trials: Küschall

Saturday 27 March 2021.
Updated 03 August 2021.

Küschall seem to put thought into their engineering, and were started by an actual wheelchair user. Apparently, they pioneered mono‐tube chairs in the 1980s.

Somewhere along the line, U.S. hospital equipment monster Invacare slurped up the company as a premium make — but it’s unclear (as this industry tends to be) whether that was globally or regionally or what.

As of early‐mid 2021, the current version of these models is [Model Name] 2.0, with both this and the former generation advertised for sale as [Model Name].

Compare with other nimble chairs for manoeuverability and tight spaces.

1. Tried

(to date)

1.1. Nimble rigid chairs

2. Would like to try

  • Küschall The KSL: Very lightweight. Made‐to‐measure rigid. Great variety of drive‐wheel, castor and upholstery choices. Wonderfully small. I have tried what seemed to be the earlier version of The KSL. But it would pay to confirm and/or retrial before making a decision regarding either iteration!
  • Küschall K-Series: Modular rigid: seat module is independent of the frame. Among the cooler chairs aesthetically. (Particularly the earlier generation).
  • Küschall Champion SK: Like most collapsible wheelchairs, the seat kind of concertinas awkwardly. However, the folding mechanism is based around a sturdy‐looking hinge. With the SK option, the chair reduces to a much more compact shape. If I wanted a concertina chair, this would be my first suggestion to try. RGK’s FX approach sounded less of a compromise on fit and efficiency; however, the Küschall Champion SK could well lock in place better!

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