Davy thermal long johns

Named for the Janis Ian song, this is a work of visible mending.


This was among a couple of changes of thermals that I snaffled from the snazzy department store David Jones, when they were clearing out some of their old own‐brand underclothes designs during 2020.

October 2021

A minuscule hole made its appearance the other day by the left leg seam. I tuck the seam under the hole, and sew it in place. Struggling with spasming arms and tangling yarns, I inadvertently rip a few more siginificant holes into the surrounding area. After recircling the now vastly expanded site of damage, I fill in the middle with two intermixing spirals of chain stitch, carrying in the loose ends as I go.

Black long johns featuring a striking pale spot

On the inside left leg of black pants, near the crotch, a lumpy oval
(171 kB) appears pale yellow.
Swirling in on itself near the crotch

Wan green trails through the splodge
(198 kB) in the manner of noodles or cabbage in broth.
Yolky blob

Tracing the form of a snail shell
(326 kB), chains of yellow and green swirl next to each other, sometimes blending onto the same course.
Reverse side of pale egg darn

An elongated, stylised koi
(207 kB) has formed on the inside of the garment.