Blueberry Mary pair of denim jeans

Named after the character introduced in the Janelle Monáe song “Mushrooms & Roses”, this is a work of visible mending.

Polkabloom September 2021

A little tear is wearing through toward the most frequently‐touched pocket. I was not planning on repairing it, but I recently received a surprise envelope stuffed with cotton: four little cards of upcycled yarn (sent, on behalf of the gift‐giver, from Not Another Hat). It seems a great opportunity to have go at chain stitch, before I approach the more skittish hole on my Good pants.

Jean leg being mended on a darning mushroom

A crinkly, blood‐orange spiral
(462 kB) of light fingering cotton forms on a darning mushroom.
Rose on thigh

The finished darn forms a solitary polkadot
(485 kB) on the right thigh. The visible stitches imply the form of a rose.
Chain‐stitched rose

The resemblance intensifies
(558 kB) under closer inspection, as the simple overlapping loops of cotton mimic fresh petals unfolded into bloom.