BREYDON’s after: pressie suggestions

Saturday 16 July 2022.

Like if you enjoy giving particularly personal tangible tokens of thanks, here are some things I would be tickled by cool

1. Some music

Okay, maybe I am stretching the definition of “token”, but could we be much more tangible?

A mixtape you have been dying to realise, a simple tip‐off regarding an artist you are finding mesmerising, time with an object or space that sounds, a piece of notation you need to gesticulate over, a minute’s concert of vibrations which you adore forming, something to play together, your loves…

2. A copy of a zine you’ve made

Would be lovely.

3. A fruit or veg you grew

Or heirloom seeds, with which to do.

4. A beloved paperback

If you wanted, you could choose from the sorts of titles I’ve rated “A” among what I have been reading. Any of the distinctive reference books no longer in print would be especially delightful. Also extra spesh are opportunities to read works in their original language (with or without parallel translation), and things you or other thoughtful readers have written in.

5. Something extremely practical that I actually do specifically “need”

  • mallet for in‐bopping heftier garden stakes1
  • help repairing something2
  • bamboo knitting needles in gauges for pretty fine yarn

6. Something needed by someone I know

And I can pass it on.



That I might stop being risky with bricks.


Finding a bike part, soldering a little steno keyboard.