Kermie Breydon

PO Box 107
Clarinda, VIC  3169

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upcoming stuff kb’s a part of

Richmond FC competes in the

Victorian Wheelchair Football League’s

2020 Season, post-pandemic sometime.

Erin Kyan’s

Love and Luck

is a gentle Tuesday audio drama, told through voicemails.

Résumé-bé, Bébé

A genericised and abridged CV

Pronouns & Titles

In Englishes and adjacent languages, please refer to me by way of they, or the language’s normal equivalent.  For example: “I am looking at Kermie’s website to find out what their pronouns are.”

Of course, second-person pronouns such as you are the sort to use when addressing me (whether individually or as part of a group).  For example: “Your shoelace is undone, you duffer!” or “What are yous lot up to?”

Use of no title before my name is appropriate (unless you would like to award me an honorary doctorate; then we’ll see).

For pronouns, titles, etc in any other languages, please check with me directly.  Thank you!


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