Marginalian Capital Territory

A film in 8 slim volumes.

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Parcel to the Publisher


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V/OAlrighty. Hi Lesley—this is the folder, with the books inside.  It’s fairly robust-ish and just—oop—unzips, probably a bit more easily if you haven’t got a camera in your hand.

These bits of paper you can either use display-wise or just leave in there.  Either one is fine.  That address, though: ignore it; don’t know if it actually exists yet.

The books are still very much book-shaped, and all that.

That’s for putting any files in, if needed, like videos or whatever.

Gonna be plonking those labels on…to the books.  More adhesively than that.

And if you want, I can print whatever the address actually is on little cards for people, or something more postcard-sized and appealing in a kind of “Ooh, grab me! Take me home!” kind of manner.

Uhm, that’s probably about it, but let me know if you need anything else or have any questions.

Not even those extraneous bits, just the box-file-thing.

Flight From Melbourne #5
Kermie Breydon

Content © 2017 Kermie Breydon, unless noted.  The collections Triptych Poets Issues 1-3 (2010-2012) and Caught In The Breeze (2010) © Blemish Books.  These appear with permission, through the Pulpture project.  Copyright for each poem and essay remains with its author.  If you enjoy the snatches that you catch, please look them up to support the creators’ work directly.

Hey, look, if you wish to contribute sketches or comments directly into the books, you are welcome to!  [Details].

Hey, look, if you wish to contribute sketches or comments directly into the books, you are welcome to!  As long as those contributions can keep on being used within the books and multimedia aspects.  e.g. The next person to come along can draw a variation on your trout, to continue the collaborative animation; your remarks may be presented by voice-actors in later stages of the work… that kind of thing.

You can be anonymous if you wish.  Or simply jot your name down near your thing as you’d like to be credited.  Sorry, there is no money in making such markings.

Stay tuned for any future opportunities that do arise.  If you would like to talk about anything, please go for it: by email or in person at Noted 2017.